Aims and Guiding Principles

1. Introduction

The Braidwood Community Association (BCA) was formed on 25 July 2018 at a public meeting.  It began as an initiative of Sue Murray who called a public meeting on 17 May 2018, which led to the formation of a working group which made recommendations on how the BCA should be structured.  The BCA is an incorporated organisation.  It holds monthly public meetings and has an elected committee which also meets monthly.

2. Aims

i. Object

To promote and develop Braidwood and its surrounding areas, with the view to further enhance the well-being and sustainability of its community.

ii. Objectives

a. Provide a forum to discuss issues affecting the Braidwood community and the development of collaborative strategies to address these challenges;

b. Promote broader understanding of these issues;

c. Reflect the interests of the Braidwood community to all levels of government;

d. Help strengthen local community capacity through networking and supporting activities of other community organisations in the Braidwood and its surrounding areas; and

e. Assist in activities that will help enhance the natural and built environment of Braidwood and its surrounding areas, including the provision of community facilities.

iii. Guiding Principles

a. Inclusive organisation which treats everyone’s views with respect and politeness and seeks to bring residents together in a harmonious way;

b. Seeks to utilise the diversity of Braidwood as a strength; and

c. Have a focus on consensus. The Association will facilitate and broker respectful discussion on issues with the intention of developing a better understanding of all sides and if possible building a broad consensus of community opinion. Where there is no consensus, the Association will not take a position.

3. Activities

i. Hold regular meetings and forums to discuss issues;

ii. Networking and supporting activities of other community organisations;

iii. Communications to the community (eg website, Facebook page, calendar, newsletter, community notice boards, where these are not already available); and

iv. Representation to all levels of government, both in response to government policy and activity and on any proactive Braidwood community initiatives.

4. Other issues

i. Geographical coverage

Braidwood and surrounding areas. How it relates to other community associations adjoining Braidwood on issues of common interest will be developed on a ‘learning by doing’ basis.

ii. Membership structure

Individuals who are a full or part-time resident of Braidwood and its surrounding areas.  It will not be an association of associations, but will have an important networking and supporting role between associations.

Braidwood Community Association Constitution

Membership form

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